Brass Beds, Wrought Iron Beds etc...

It has been said that the kitchen and the bathroom are the most important rooms when people buy a house, it might be argued that the bedroom is the most important room when people live in it.

We, at The Original Brass Bed Shoppe take bedrooms very seriously

Because we believe that you want both comfort and beauty, we offer you the best mattresses and the finest bedsteads. Brass and wrought iron are our specialty. Brass beds with a natural finish, with a nickel coating and even silver and gold plated heirlooms, finely wrought iron in intricate shapes with baked on finishes or even gold leaf enhancements. We import the best from Italy, from manufacturers such as Lipparini, Lamp, Slam, Frazier. You will be amazed at the finishing details. From Italy, we feature Lipparini, a manufacturer who has refined the art of casting brass to a degree of perfection unequaled. A manufacturer who forges iron so intricately that you will marvel at the detailing. From Spain, a country synonymous with iron work, we bring you the craftsmanship and striking designs of Pena Vargas. Plus the best from the United States and Canada. Most of these are available in all sizes, single, double, queen size and king size.


To compliment these beautiful beds we offer you a large collection of lamps, tables, mirrors from these manufacturers and many others.

The Source for your bedroom furniture

When you think bedroom, when you think brass bed or iron bed, we would like you to remember that we offer one of the finest collections of classic and modern designs.

For your comfort we offer a selection of the best mattresses from Simmons, Sealy and other quality manufacturers.

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